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Select a preferred option for your employees
Your employees’ health is important, and you can contribute to their ability to access the best healthcare available when they need it most. Our options include comprehensive healthcare benefits, as well as a suite of tools and services that assist in managing their health. ( Primary , Standard , Standard plus and Elite ).
Employees to fill application forms and add dependents
All employees fill in their particulars and those of their dependents (if any). Dependents may be their spouse or partner, children or other members of the family whom the employee is liable for care and support.
Provide certified identity document (ID or Passport) and marriage certificate if applicable
This applies only to members and immediate family dependents. For extended family dependents, an affidavit should be attached to show the relationship of the member to the dependents. A marriage certificate to be provided in the case where a spouse is covered.
Sign a contract with us
Your contract will be delivered to your offices for signing.
Pay your employees’ premium
All payments must be made directly to our offices, before the 07th of every month.
Serve waiting period
If a company covers 30+ employees, they will not be subjected to any waiting period. Maternity will also be covered immediately.

In special cases such as:

Pre-existing condition – waiting period is 12 - 60 months for a member with a sickness or condition that may be chronic or require surgery.