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With a variety of comprehensive benefits available, it is not difficult to spot those that definitely touch on your unique health needs.

Select your preferred option
Fill Application Form
Upon deciding on a suitable option, download form here and fill in your particulars and those of your dependents (if any). Dependents may be your spouse or partner, children or other members of the family whom the member is liable for care and support.
Provide certified identity document (ID or Passport),
This applies only to members and immediate family dependents. For extended family dependents, an affidavit should be attached to show the relationship of the member to the dependents.
Pay your premium
All payments must be made directly to our offices, before the 07th of every month.
Serve waiting period
A member who has never belonged to any medical aid, or has been inactive from any medical aid cover for three (3) months and above, is subjected to general waiting period of 3 months after joining, and therefore not covered if need to make a medical claim arises.

Special cases:

  • Pregnancy – 9 months for a member who is already pregnant,
  • Pre-existing condition – 12 - 60 months for a member with a sickness or condition that may be chronic or require surgery.